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Minister of Education instructed to schools to prevent on dengue fever

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A doctor checking the health of a boy . Khmer Times

Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron has issued a new directive which instructs all provincial education departments, private and state education institutes to prevent and protect from dengue fever, the number of cases of death and infected have increased.

Mr Chuon Naron said on Friday, June 21, that all education institutes have to advise and implement the three main activities in order to prevent and avoid contracting dengue fever.
“They have to eliminate the mosquito breeding grounds, prevent from getting bitten by mosquitoes and sending the patients to hospitals or health center.” said Mr Naron.

He said that everyone has to fill water retentoon puddles and clear the bush around schools, kill larvae by breeding fish in the jar or reservoir and the jar must have a good cover and covered well as well as clean the water storage facilities once a week to eliminate larvae.

“Everyone have to wear long clothes, do not play in dark places and nearby bushes or forests and open the window and door to get enough light.” Mr Naron noted. “In case, someone is having severe fever, immediately send them to the nearest health center or state hospital within 72 hours after contracting a fever.”

The minister added that dengue fever can kill the patients any time and as such, they have to get treatment on time.

Minister of Health Mam Bun Heng said on Thursday, June 20, while visiting the children and other patients at the National Children’s Hospital that from January until June 20, there were a total of 12,000 cases of dengue were reported throughout the country, with 21 reported deaths.

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