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Why prep programme is needed?

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Ngy Huy Lin shares about her study experiences at Singapore to the students in the IFP launching ceremony at SCIA on Saturday. Srey Kumneth

SINGAPORE was my dream country where I always hoped to start my academic journey. It was on my list because this country comprises diverse cultures and mixed nationals; and I thought I would be exposed to a variety of experiences by settling in this Asean country.” said Ngy Huy Lin, who had already accomplished her dream and is now pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance degree, awarded by the University of London at Singapore Institute of Management as a sophomore student.

But before reaching this peak of success, Huy Lin shared her story with Youth Today that her past was rough as she had to put a lot of effort on studying plus understanding diverse cultures and adapting herself to get used to a different living environment even before she settled in Singapore.

Thanks to one local preparation programme that paved her way to widen her perspective, not only to a new culture but also what major that suited her passion and strength. She says: “My parents always recommended me to take up international business. However, when I attended the International Foundation Programme at SCIA, I was able to prepare for my bachelor level. More importantly, I found out that I liked economic studies. Surprisingly, even my parents started to support my dream.”

From what Huy Lin has observed, her journey could be even tougher if there was no preparation programme.

Aside from academics, she emphasized that landing on a new land might be hard for students because of the ever evolving global trend. Studying and living environment are definitely different from here. She said students have to focus on studies a lot; and if they are young and not ready to go overseas after graduating from high school, they can choose to study IFP at SCIA.

For those who have dreams to study abroad, Huy Lin advises them to develop their English proficiency because it will help to boost their confidence. She said: “When students are able to speak confidently, it is undeniable that their studies will rapidly improve.’

But that is not enough! There are a lot of other chances that students should not miss out on in the aim for self -improvement. She suggested, “As a student, we should look for opportunities for self-improvement including soft skills which crucially becomes an asset for future careers and better live.”

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