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Samathik Dermbey Thampul Chivet

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In life, everyone has to inevitably deal with many complex tasks, families and people. Some problems would require one to forget their inner-self by having stress, depression and so forth. Though medical treatment is really advanced currently, meditation is still the best therapy to all these life problems. To understand more about how meditation can help, let’s take a closer look at this book.

Written by Venerable Kou Sopheap and Vipassana Meditation trainer Noem Chhunny, Samathik Dermbey Thampul Chivet (Meditation for power of life) is a book that can somehow help readers to be awakened and relieve themselves from stress and problems that interact with their daily lives. Comprising five main categories, the book aims to empower lives, heal through simple meditation strategy, live happily and wisely, and create change for betterment of lives. Along with implementable key strategies, readers are attracted to feel connected with the sketches in the book as well.

This book includes short stories, short articles and reflections on the benefits of having meditation practices. All the stories have a common purpose on intriguing readers to understand with ease with some human related issues such as anger, greediness, self-satisfaction, and the outcome of being proactive. It does not only identify the issues but also provides insight on how people can cope with it. Additionally, the book gives space for six leading leaders and CEOs to share their unique experiences on how meditation can help their mental health and boost the growth of their businesses.

Aside from short stories, articles and experiences of meditation practitioners, the author also shared his experiences on how shameful he was and how meditation would heal his disease when he was a Buddhist monk living in Thailand. Regarding this, he mentions that meditation does not show its implication constantly but gradually created a significant impact on his life.

As breath is solely based as the foundation of meditation, the book explains simply on how they can observe and practice their breath and train their mind peacefully. If people practice it regularly, sooner or later they are led to have selfawareness. They know what they act. It also tells four stances of meditation that people can easily practice- sitting, standing, walking and sleeping.

In the last chapter of the book, it has exercise for 29 days that readers can try if they want to change their habits. They can fill up in the book and do reflections of their routine activities in the 29 days – from the time they wake up till the time they go to sleep.

Regardless of age and gender, you can change yourself and live peacefully by simply practicing meditation. If you are not aware on how and where to start, this book is the best partner that you should practice with. Let’s start and create better change for your live!

Author: Noem Chhunny
Publication: Image Printing, 2019

Author’s profile

Noem Chhunny has had many year experiences in teaching leadership, public speaking and motivational speaking. He led an international Vipassana centre for four years when he was based in Chaing Mai, Thailand and he has travelled to many countries in South east Asia, sharing Buddha’s teachings for human development. He is a co-founder of Smallworld Cambodia and former co-founder of Possibilities World, where the company provides consultant services on managing and developing leadership. Currently, Mr Chhunny is a trainer at Impact Hub Phnom Penh and director of VIPASSA.


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