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Government to reduce child malnutrition by 2023

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Children who live in  rural areas. KT/ Chor Sokunthea

The government in collaboration with partner NGO’s,  plans to significantly reduce child malnutrition in the Kingdom by 2023.

Representatives from the government and NGOs today met in Phnom Penh to discuss a new five-year national strategy on food security and nutrition from this year until 2023.

Sok Silo, deputy secretary-general of Council for Agriculture and Rural Development, said that the National Strategy for Food Security and Nutrition 2019-2023 aims to reduce the number of stunted children under five-years-old to 25 percent by 2023 from the 32 percent achieved under a previous five-year strategy which began in 2014.

He noted that they also plan to reduce the number of malnourished children under five years to eight percent by 2023 from 10 percent under the previous strategy.

“These children are victims of malnutrition,” Mr Silo said. “The national strategy is to ensure sufficient food security for them by 2023.”

He added that to ensure the strategy’s success, the government is cooperating with partner NGOs to strengthen food security for children, especially during the first 1,000 days since birth.

Mr Silo urged communities to plant more crops, especially vegetables, to meet food supply needs and urged them to consume clean water and practice good hygiene.

Oum Kosal, assistant FAO representative in Cambodia, said that even though the country is developing, malnutrition remains a major challenge and the government and partner NGOs are working hard to address the problem.

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