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Learning Japanese language the fun way

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Let’s ENJOY speaking, listening & reading Japanese. This series is for learners aiming to pass the JLPT N4. A fun learning method through visual and audio through youtube.

On April 2019, the Japanese government allowed semi-skilled immigrant workers to work in 14 sectors including construction and agricultural farming. Immigrant workers will be allowed to stay in Japan for five years, but not bring in family members. The policy will apply to approximately 350,000 foreign workers by 2025.

<Japanese Language Level Requirement> The immigrant workers will be required to have a Japanese Language test which is equivalent to JLPT N4 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). N4 is a level of understanding daily conversations. The applicants need to be able to read and understand daily topics written in basic vocabulary.

There are a lot of Japanese N4 level studying contents in the internet like the one below. Please look and learn about Japanese language and business culture.

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