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City Hall calls on public for proper waste disposal

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City Hall has instructed the public, including business owners, to dispose of garbage in a timely manner in accordance with the schedule set by authorities, as well as to pack dangerous waste in a red bag to aid garbage collectors.

Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng issued a directive on June 13, which noted City Hall’s observations of disorderly garbage disposal across the capital, including not preparing garbage outside in accordance with the time set, as well as leaving waste on the streets and other public spaces, affecting the environment, people’s health and compromising the city’s cleanliness.

It further noted that some have improperly packed garbage, putting together waste with dangerous items such as broken glass, bottles, needles and other materials that can cause danger or wound workers who collect the garbage.

Mr Sreng has instructed the public, including business owners, to dispose of garbage in accordance with the schedule set by authorities, as well as pack garbage that can cause danger in a red plastic bag or by plastering a warning sign for collectors’ awareness.

“In the case that citizens and business owners do not comply with this guideline, they will be fined by the sub-decree on solid waste management, face closure of business or other measures,” Mr Sreng said.

Cheng Raksmey, a resident in Phnom Penh, supported the newly-released instruction. However, he requested that Phnom Penh authorities would help to educate people on separating the different kinds of garbage as well as adding more rubbish bins to make it easier for people to dispose waste properly.

“If it is possible, there should be two or three kinds of rubbish bins to make it easier,” Mr Raksmey said. “First, a rubbish bin for food waste, a rubbish bin for plastic bags, and a rubbish bin for solid metal. And, garbage collectors must collect every day, so it won’t be left out for too long.”

Chhay Mouykeang, another resident in Meanchey district, asked City Hall to help educate people about proper garbage separation by teaching the public or producing short videos.

“It’s good to have training for people in villages and communes, because some people do not know about this issue yet, so they pack all kinds of garbage in the same plastic bag because it is easier to throw away that way,” Mr Mouykeang said.

Neth Pheaktra, Environment Ministry spokesman, yesterday said that the Ministry of Environment supported the newly-announced measures and appeals to all citizens to follow City Hall’s guidance to maintain a sanitary and clean environment in Phnom Penh.

“The ministry also urges and encourages other sub-national administrations to pay attention and implement measures on proper solid waste management to maintain environmental protection and sustainability,” he added.

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