K-Pop World Festival

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The K-pop invasion is real...and it’s here in Cambodia. GT2/Srey Kumneth

The loud Korean songs and the screams of K-pop fans reverberated around the Cambodia-Korea Cooperation last Friday as everyone was ecstatic for the first ever K-Pop World Festival. The event opened a chance not just for Cambodian artists to pave their way to stardom, but also for fans to meet their idols.

Hundreds of K-pop fans watched the performances of different groups singing popular K-pop sounds. Everyone danced and sang, symbolising the great influence of the South Korean culture to Cambodia.

This is the first time for Cambodia to hold such a world class competition. Cambodian idols will be competing with some 100 other groups from different countries. Only 12 teams will be selected for the final round in Changwon, Korea in October.

Local boy group shows off their ‘Korean charm’ to win the competition and be given the chance to travel to South Korea. Srey Kumneth

Na Yun Jeong, one of the organisers of K-Pop World Festival and producer of K’ve Entertainment, said that young Cambodians possess great talents and confidence that can be their ticket to the international stage. She added that even with the language differences, the Cambodian groups were still able to perform K-pop songs in superb ways.

“Young Cambodians are talented. I can see that their dancing skills are really good and I hope that one of the Cambodian teams can go to Korea to compete with the other teams for the final round,” said Yun Jeong.

N-tic, a famous boyband from Korea was also there to cheer the Cambodian teams and to perform their best hits in front of their Khmer fans.

At the finale, OMG Girls Dance Crew took home the grand prize of USD1000 and will compete with other international teams, hoping to travel to South Korea for the final round.

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