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EU, US should respect Cambodia’s sovereignty: Chinese official

Ben Sokhean / Khmer Times Share:
Chinese office complain US EU
Chinese foreign affairs ministry officials talk to journalist from Belt and Road countries in Beijing. KT/ Ben Sokhean

A Chinese government official has urged the European Union and the United States to respect Cambodia’s sovereignty by not interfering in its domestic affairs.


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Speaking to journalists from Belt and Road Countries at the Foreign affairs ministry office in Beijing on Monday, Wang Tianxiang, deputy director at Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Division of Southeast Asian Affairs, said that EU and the US should respect Cambodian people’s choice.

“We believe that they should respect Cambodia as a sovereign state, [they] should respect the choice of Cambodian people,” Mr Tianxiang said. “We have always opposed long arm restriction of the United States and the Western world in Asian countries, especially on their internal affairs.”

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