NagaWorld Kind Hearts Continues Planting Trees for Greener Cambodia

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570 trees donated by NagaWorl kind Hearts to schools in Koh Kong province.

Koh Kong, Cambodia – In another significant step towards a cleaner, greener and healthier Cambodia, NagaWorld Kind Hearts continues their collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, teachers and students in planting 570 trees within the premises of selected schools in Koh Kong province.

Combining earlier tree plantings at schools in Phnom Penh and Kampot with this latest initiative in Koh Kong, NagaWorld Kind Hearts successfully concluded their pledge of 1,000 new trees as part of the Green Cambodia: Environmental Awareness and Tree Planting programme “Environment protection is very important, with good air quality vital to the health of our society.

Students taking part in an environmental awareness workshop.

Trees are a crucial resource in our natural ecosystem with many benefits, including playing a leading role in helping to reduce air pollution while also alleviating the effects of climate change. Scientific studies estimate that a hectare of mature trees can absorb enough carbon dioxide in a year to neutralise the average carbon footprints of up to 10 people,” said NagaWorld Managing Director Mr. Pern Chen.

“Trees also act as nature’s air conditioners by providing shade and lowering the temperatures of surrounding areas. So the tree plantings at Koh Kong schools will be of great benefit to students, teachers and communities and help to promote a healthier learning environment. NagaWorld Kind Hearts have planted over 3,300 trees in Cambodia since 2014, and we also host educational workshops co nducted by the Ministry of Environment to teach students about important environmental issues and what they can do to help. We hope everyone can join us in creating a cleaner, greener nation for ourselves and future generations to live in,” he added.

H.E. Prum Sophy, Underse-cretary of State at the Ministry of Environment, said, “1,000 new trees planted is a truly remarkable achievement which stands to enhance the quality of life for ourstudents and communities. Besides providing us with fresh oxygen, trees also give us shade on a hot day, and are home to a variety of wildlife. The importance of trees cannot be understated.” Koh Kong Deputy Governor H.E. Orn Phearak noted that tree roots soak up rainwater, prevent soil erosion and reduce surface runoff, which helps limit the effects of flash flooding that can cause school closures. “Therefore, trees are a key component in helping us keep our schools open throughou the monsoon season,” said His Excellency.Koh Kong province Director of Department of Education Youth and Sport Mr. Nget Leung said, “greener environment contributes greatly to the health and happiness of our students, who are the future of our nation and economy. So we fully support this programme.”

Koh Kong High School Director Mr. Pho Buntheoun expressed his delight at welcoming the planting of new trees in their school grounds “We offer our sincere gratitude to NagaWorld Kind Hearts and the Ministries for this wonderful initiative,” he said.

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