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Constitutional studies on syllabus

Khy Sovuthy / Khmer Times Share:
CCC president Im Chhun Lim holds a meeting with Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron at the Constitutional Council of Cambodia office. CCC

The Education Ministry will introduce elements of the Kingdom’s Constitution into the school curriculum syllabus in a bid to familiarise students about the country’s supreme law.

The move was discussed on Monday during a meeting between Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron and Im Chhun Lim, Constitutional Council of Cambodia president, at the council headquarters, the CCC said on its official Facebook page.

Tang Ratana, CCC general-director, told reporters on Monday that during the meeting Mr Chhun Lim said that he wanted some provisions of the constitution to be added to the education ministry’s syllabus because it is Cambodia’s top law.

He noted that both sides agreed to create a working group to study which articles of the constitution should be introduced into the education system.

“The reason that Mr Chhun Lim wanted to put some basic provisions of the constitution into the school syllabus is because the constitution is the top law of Cambodia and all citizens are obliged to study all its stipulations,” Mr Ratana said.

He said Mr Chhun Lim also believes understanding the stipulations of the Constitution is vital to human resources development and helps students to become model and patriotic citizens when they study increasing portions of it from primary school to high school.

Mr Ratana said that Mr Chhun Lim was confident that the ministry could play a key role to help educate students and the public on the provisions of the constitution.

He added that both the CCC and ministry had not set a date to implement the move because the joint working group had yet to identify which articles should be included in the school syllabus.

Mr Ratana noted that the constitution, which will be 26-year-old this year, contains 160 articles.

“We want all students to be familiar with the constitution when they complete their high school education,” he noted.

Puth Samith, ministry director general, on Monday said that the ministry had agreed to work with the CCC to prepare articles to include in the syllabus.

He said that adding the subject into the school syllabus will not affect the study timetable set by the ministry.

“We want all the people to understand about the constitution,” Mr Samith said. “When they understand the constitution, especially those in the next generation, they will be proud to be Cambodians.”

Mr Samith noted that the joint CCC and education ministry working team will start meeting soon to discuss technical aspects of the plan and compile a report to be presented to Mr Chuon Naron and Mr Chhun Lim.

Moul Suy Heng, director of Preah Sisowath High School, yesterday praised the plan to include Constitutional studies in the school syllabus.

“I think that it is very good idea and it will make all students and teachers understand the constitution of Cambodia,” he noted. “I congratulate the ministry and CCC for coming up with this plan and I hope that we will have the new programme for our students soon.”

Mr Suy Heng added that all Cambodian citizens must understand their constitution because its provisions safeguard them.

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