‘Minimise Pressure for Quality of Life’

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It is every parent’s dream to see their child prosper and succeed. It is their goal to make sure their children are ready for whatever the future may bring. This is why many parents, despite poverty and hardships, find ways to send their kids to school and get good education.

But there are times when parents overdo things. Because they want what’s best for their children, they go beyond what they’re supposed to do, they implement impossible rules and force their children to do things even if they’re in conflict with their passion. Many parents think that they know better, that is true. But with the emergence of several external factors, the present generation is now much more knowledgeable and has wider perspective.

So, how do we draw the line?

According to a survey conducted by RUPP students, 60 percent of the students at the Royal University of Phnom Penh who have depression claim that they are experiencing parental pressures on their academic performances. This has resulted into academic stress, low self-esteem, insomnia and many others. It has also created a negative impact among students, making them feel scared to fail even just a single class test.

This seemingly unspoken issue ignited a group of students to conduct a research about the quality of life of university students. After the researchers found out the result, they are now initiating a small workshop centered on the wellbeing of students and on how they can minimise the pressure in their lives.

Led by Year-4 Bachelor of Arts in English students, ‘Minimise Pressure for Quality of Life’ seminar will be conducted on June 8 (Saturday) at the Institute of Foreign Languages.

The main purpose of the project is to “increase the quality of life, minimise pressure”, that students feel. This is to ensure that parents and children acknowledge the negative consequences of parental pressure.

Parents, who are also very much encouraged to join, will know the impacts of pressure to their children’s education through various educational videos. During the workshop, participants will learn how to positively deal with parental pressure as well as how to take care of their mental wellbeing when pressure arises.

Two guest speakers, IFL researcher and lecturer Pang Samarnh and RUPP psychology teacher Kao Sovandara, will lead panel discussion on the factors that affect a student’s life. Both experts will be giving out tips on how parents and children can talk effectively and address their issues to save both sides from pain and stress.

The workshop is free for all interested students and parents.

‘Minimise Pressure for Quality of Life’
June 8, Saturday @ 2-4:30pm
Room C23, Building C, Institute of Foreign Languages

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