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‘Samleng Kseb’ is a self-help book written by Keo Seng Ratha. The book is divided into two chapters with seven short stories and 70 short motivational articles.

“If you are having problems in your mind, come and listen to these gentle whispers I want to tell you here,” says the first page of the book. And it’s enough to hook readers.

As the author seems to reflect on his personal experiences, the first chapter talks about inspirational people – the people we look up to – and how they, too, have experienced troubles and failures in life before they became successful in their endeavours. Keo Seng Ratha is certain that you can be one as well.

The 70 articles in the first chapter entirely revolve around life issues as such failures, rejection, love, work and the different definitions of success.

What’s beautiful about the book is that one can feel and sense the sincerity of the author in writing words that motivate the soul, heart and mind. He uses words that comfort a troubled mind, but at the same time pushes the reader to build up their inner strength and work hard to reach their goals. He neither demands nor instructs; he guides.

The second chapter includes seven short stories. ‘My dream’, the first story, tells readers not to give up on their dreams even when they don’t get support from other people. Keo Seng Ratha writes about Raphumi, a young man who wants to pursue his passion in music after he obtained his management degree in the US. However, his parents want him to focus on managing their family business. But because Raphumi is not the one to easily give up on things that he truly love, his parents eventually understood and accepted his choices.

‘Behind a Dream’, the second story in the second chapter, is about a mother’s sacrifice for her daughter. She smiles and hides her illness from her daughter, knowing that it might hinder her from her studies in the US. ‘Behind a Dream’ ends on a sad note, as the mother dies. But her daughter feels grateful for all the things her mother has offered her, even if it cost her her own life.

The other five short stories in Chapter 2 are equally thought-provoking and inspiring. They depict realistic stories on relationships, self-love and self-esteem, giving readers huge reasons to believe in themselves and to continue their journey towards real happiness and fulfillment.

Author: Keo Seng Ratha
Publication: Seavphovivet, 2019


Talented author Keo Seng Rathat holds a degree in General and Digestive Surgery from the University of Health Sciences and in English Literature in 2015. Truly passionate about writing, Ratha started his career in the literary scene in 2017 and wrote stories and poetry that depict positivity and hope. He has published ‘Teouk Dey Pleung Kyol’ in 2017,’Besdong Ovpok’ in 2018 and ‘Samleng Kseb’ in 2019.

He also won second place in poetry category during the 2nd Khmer Literature Festival, and fourth place in the novel category during the Theam Teng 2018.

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