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PRASAC Offers Loan in Riel to Support the Growth of Farmers and Small Enterprises in Cambodia


PRASAC, the largest financial institution in Cambodia, has been providing loan in Riel to support the growth of farmers and small enterprises in Cambodia. Clients are able to use this loan for agriculture, business, or as a capital or for personal use.

Mr. Say Sony, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Management of PRASAC, said that the loan in Riel offered by PRASAC has contributed in enhancing clients’ livelihood because of competitive interest rate, no foreign exchange risk, preventing from counterfeit notes and promote the use of Khmer Riel.

Mr. Sony continued that PRASAC has encouraged the use of Riel in all transactions services, especially loan in Riel, in order to provide convenience and high security for client for their use in business, agriculture and other income generating activities.

Please be noted that PRASAC offers its loan amount according to client’s demand with reasonable interest rate, longer loan term, convenience and flexible repayment mode. Please call 086 999 911 or 023 999 911 for getting a loan from PRASAC. PRASAC Growing Together!

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