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Ministry wants more disabled people educated and employed

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Minister of Social Affairs has called for the establishment of an institute that integrates all services for disabled people. KT / Chor Sokunthea

The Social Affairs Ministry has urged its officials to train and employ more people with disabilities in a bid to improve their living conditions.

Yeap Malino,  director of welfare at the Ministry of Social Affairs, in a meeting on Friday acknowledged that the ministry faces a number of challenges in providing vocational training and employment for disabled people.

“It is difficult for training centres to identify students with disabilities to give them the right education and training. There’s still a limited number of centres, therefore there is also a limited reach,” Mr Malino said. “Some parents of disabled people, and the community in general, may have little education and therefore are not inspired to provide better education for disabled people.”

Nhek Vanara, a secretary of state at the Social Affairs Ministry, underlined the importance of the the meeting on Friday, which aimed to raise awareness of vocational training and employment for disabled people.

He noted that it allowed for the ministry and its partners to come together to find a way to strengthen efforts to help people with disabilities to get training and find employment.

“Training could eventually lead to job opportunities for them, and additionally, it is also in line with the implementation of the law on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to uphold their dignity, welfare and rights,” Mr Vanara said. “This is why the ministry wants to strengthen vocational training and provide employment opportunities for disabled people.”

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