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Visak Bochea pardons prisoners

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Ang Vong Vathana, Justice Minister and a chairman of the National Commission for the Evaluation of Prisoners, led the meeting to select prisoners for pardon and sentence reduction. courtesy of the Ministry of Justice

The National Commission for the Evaluation of Prisoners and the Justice Ministry will select 77 prisoners for pardon and sentence reduction on Visak Bochea Day, May 18.

Kim Santepheap, Justice Ministry spokesman, said on Friday, May 10, that the committee asked the government to beseech of the King pardons and reduced sentences for 77 prisoners, nine of whom are women.

“The prisoners who were recommended for pardon and sentence reduction [break down to]: 37 prisoners for a sentence reduction of six months, 14 prisoners for a reduction of nine months, and another 22 prisoners asked for a reduction of 12 months.”

A further four prisoners, one of them woman, have also sought a pardon.

The requests were made by the directors of 22 municipal and provincial prisons and three correctional centres.

According to the law, prisoners who have completed two-thirds of their sentence can request a pardon, while those who have completed one-third of their sentence can seek a reduction of their sentences.

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