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Keep this in mind, maintain the line that separates your offline and online worlds. Pinterest

Yes, you’re reading it right. RHR is back!

Before I proceed, let me take this chance to pay tribute to the ‘force’.

Belated May the Fourth to all the fellows out there! The force is still strong within all of us.

I just had to do that, I started writing this piece on a dark day, Revenge of the Fifth day.

Okay, no more geek talk.

After almost two months of being away from my writing self, I am back at it now. With all honesty, I have no idea whether readers of this publication realised my absence or not but whatever, Rafii H Ramon is officially back and is staying for good (which means this will go on as long as I’m still in Phnom Penh).

Now, where do I (re)start?

I might as well take you back to what I started, my first release, “I like humanity, but I hate people”.

That was my very maiden piece, published on May 25 last year. Gahd, it was not so long ago.

It was about how social media, Facebook and Twitter specifically, change how we view relationships and friendships both online and offline. It was about censorship, networking, cutting people in our online world and choosing to speak for yourself not minding how the rest will react to it.

It’s a lot of things in one. But I’d like to give emphasis on the thoughts below.

Yes, it all boils down to networking that started from mere friendship. From this view, it isn’t about real friendship or real social life. It’s about people casually exploiting each other to meet their pedestrian personal needs.

And so I ask, with all its buzz and hype, did we really sign up to talk at each other instead of talking with each other?

Until now, it’s a bit hard for me to give a direct answer to the closing question in that article: Are we in the same paradoxical limbo of liking humanity but hating people?

RHR v2.0

If I counted it right, I’ve had 18 articles published under this column.

Majority, if not all, were based on social media issues. Pretty sure the words Facebook, Twitter and online were always present in my pieces.

Because yes, it was all based on Social Media. Thus, The Social Oxymoron.

Now, as I start a new phase of this writing stint, I’d like to go deeper and higher.

Deeper in a sense that the pieces will be something closer to me and at the same time higher, so it can also be related to all of you.

Something closer to me so that I can put more details. Give thorough, profound and intense sense of understanding on issues that affect not just my own thoughts.

As much as possible, I will make it thought-provoking…to you, online residents. Especially you, social media users.

But of course, it won’t be purely and solely based on social networking. It will be a mix of the two: offline and online.

Until such time we all realise how thin the line that separates the two has become.

And I guess that’s the point I keep on raising anywhere I go, we have created a world online. Whether you agree to that or not, believe me it’s true. And it’s inevitable. In fact, it creeps in to our realities. That’s why I’m here, I’d like to keep that line solid and intact, and at the same time help you identify where to draw the lines in the first place.

Because at the end of the day, what Mark Zuckerberg and all of the web geniuses want is to connect one world to the rest…with hopes that us, the users, will keep that in mind.

On we go

Before I end this, I don’t think I have introduced myself well aside from the Twitter handle below, am not on Facebook and am not on Instagram either.

Why? Cause life seems to give you more when you show life less. I can’t quantify that but it’s true and it probably is the simplest thing I can share with you all… less is more.

I hope that doesn’t make me less of a social media writer just cause am not on some platforms.

On a personal note, I have been alone for two weeks. Technically not alone because I got my cat.

While you’re reading this, I have already reached my home country to get recharged emotionally. And I have to admit, social media has been the constant go-to place while I got no one to talk to but my cat who just meows or meooows.

Well, life happens.

RHR is tougher now because life has become extra hard as well. And as I go home to spend time with my family, I’m happy to be back to this wonderful Good Times2 family.

So, there… I think I have shared enough about myself. Just so I can fit with the title I put above because yes, this is just another introduction. And here’s to more social online and offline shiz!

RHR is a freelance expat writer collecting paradoxes and metaphors in Phnom Penh. Follow @RafiiHR on Twitter!

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