Golden Hanuman exercise ends

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More than 2,000 officers and soldiers participated. KT/Siv Channa

The five-day Golden Hanuman 2019 military exercise in Kampot province ended yesterday and has been hailed as a big success.

During its closing ceremony, General Vong Pisen, Royal Cambodian Armed Force commander-in-chief, congratulated all officers and soldiers who participated in the exercise for making it a success.

“On behalf of the Defence Ministry and RCAF, I congratulate them for working and training hard to strengthen their capacity to shine in the exercises,” said Gen Pisen.

He noted that under the government of Prime Minister Hun Sen, the Kingdom is enjoying peace and stability and it is the duty of the armed forces to protect this.

“Our armed forces must protect the government led by Prime Minister Hun Sen from an enemy group who seeks to damage the peace and development in our country,” Gen Pisen said.

He added that during the civil war, Mr Hun Sen had sought help from Vietnam, a friendly country, to defeat the Khmer Rouge forces in 1979.

Gen Pisen noted that the military exercise was held to strengthen the armed forces’ capacity and not to invade any country.

Lieutenant General Hun Manet opened the exercise. KT/Siv Channa

He said that the exercise also helped the armed forces to improve its capacity to strengthen border security with neighbouring countries to ensure peace, cooperation and trade between the people of these countries.

“Our military exercise is not to prepare our armed forces to threaten other countries,” Gen Pisen said, noting that Mr Hun Sen has previously said that Cambodia only uses its armed forces to participate in United Nation Peacekeeping mission.

Gen Pisen added that armed forces personnel must respect the rule of law and follow the leader of the government’s orders.

Major General Hem Tha, deputy commander of Brigade 70, said that the military exercise was successful because officers and soldiers worked hard to complete their drills during the five days from May 4 to May 8.

“The Golden Hanuman 2019 has been hailed as being 100 percent successful,” he noted.

Maj Gen Tha said that no soldier was injured during the military exercise which was carried out smoothly.

“There were more than 2,000 officers and soldiers, including around 400 women, who participated in this military exercise,” he said. “I think that our armed forces personnel greatly benefitted from the experience gained during the exercise.”

The exercise saw the deployment of heavy armour such as APCs, artillery vehicles, helicopters and tanks and also live-fire drills.

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