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Rothana overwhelms, Srey Pov falls short

Ismail Vorajee / Khmer Times Share:
Chan Rothana continues to showcase his unrivalled Kun Khmer skills. ONE Championship

Chan Rothana continues to showcase his unrivalled Kun Khmer skills to the world as he overwhelmed Rudy “The Golden Boy” Agustian to claim an impressive TKO win at ONE: For Honor on Friday.

The Cambodian, stepping into his opponent’s hometown of Jakarta, Indonesia, pulled off a fine victory.

Rothana opened up the flyweight contest with a thudding body kick that caused his opponent to wince, and then instinctively closed the distance to engage in the clinch. From there, “The Golden Boy” grabbed a body lock and used it to score a takedown.

On the mat, Agustian tried his best to pass the guard, but Rothana defended well enough to sustain little to no damage as he made his way back up to the feet. In the stand-up, the Cambodian connected with a quick short elbow and right hand on the inside.

At this point, it became evident that Rothana had a huge advantage in the striking department, as he unleashed the sharper, more powerful combinations.

Agustian seemed to realise his best chance of achieving victory would be to take the bout to the ground, so he shot in for another takedown. Rothana quickly stuffed it, however, and continued to tee off as his rival began to run out of gas.

In the second round, there was no doubt about which athlete had the most energy as Rothana quickly opened up with a fierce combination of punches.

“The Golden Boy” tried to fend off the aggressive Cambodian, but soon found himself against the ropes.

Rothana unloaded another hard and fast combination that sent his opponent reeling onto the mat, and then jumped onto the Indonesian to overwhelm him with a volley of punches.

After a sustained attack, Agustian could no longer offer any effective resistance, and referee Kemp Cheng stepped in to call a halt to the contest at the 2:50 mark of the second stanza.

The TKO gave the 33-year-old Rothana his second consecutive victory over an Indonesian opponent, and his fifth victory overall.

Unfortunately Cambodia failed to claim a clean sweep as Cambodian Top Team talent Nou Srey Pov lost her bout against Indonesian challenger Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol.

The pair went back and forth in a fast-paced bout but Lumban Gaol’s dominant grappling was the difference.

Nou Srey Pov battled hard to fend off Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol.​ONE Championship

Kun Khmer World Champion Srey Pov attacked with her striking skills early on, but Lumban Gaol did not let her opponent get too comfortable, as she closed the distance and took “NSP” to the canvas.

With the Jakarta crowd chanting in support for their local hero, “Thathie” moved to side control and scored with solid ground strikes before trying to lock up an Americana submission on the Cambodian’s right arm.

Srey Pov battled hard to fend off Lumban Gaol’s relentless pursuit of the submission, and eventually, she was successful in bucking the Indonesian off in the final minute of the round.

The second round was similar to the first as Srey Pov shaded the striking exchanges early on before Lumban Gaol got her hands on the Cambodian and took the action to the ground once again.

The Siam Training Camp product’s control in top position saw her connect with a plethora of ground strikes as she looked to open up an opportunity for a submission.

However, just as she did in the first round, Srey Pov never stopped trying to shake her Indonesian opponent off, and eventually got back to her feet.

The crowd roared their approval at a hugely entertaining battle as the pair went to a third and final round, and their Jakartan hero brought the battle down to where she wanted it again.

Midway through the final frame, an accidental illegal elbow strike to the back of Lumban Gaol’s head brought the action to a brief halt, but she recovered quickly, and the match-up resumed.

There was a late twist as Srey Pov shocked her opponent by reversing position to end up in top position.

Then, with a minute remaining, the pair engaged in a breathless back-and-forth striking exchange, which brought more cheers from the crowd as the contest came to a close.

On the sound of the final bell, the pair embraced in a moment of respect, but there could only be one winner, and all three judges were in agreement that Lumban Gaol’s grappling superiority was enough to give her the victory.

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