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Having butterflies in your stomach during a public speaking engagement is absolutely a normal thing. This is because we care and aim to deliver an unforgettable speech to our audience.

One of the most popular public speaking platforms is TED Talk. If you are looking to overcome the fear of public speaking and get ready to jump on the TED stage, then allowe me to introduce this book to you.

TED Talks have been known for so many years as a forum where good ideas are spread. It began as an annual conference, which brings people together from the fields of technology, entertainment, and design. If you put the initial of each field together, you get TED.

Chris Anderson, the head of TED and also the author of this book, believe that “Presentation literacy isn’t an optional extra for a few. It’s a core skill for the twenty-first century”.

Every single person in the world has ideas, which is worth sharing because of the unique experiences each of us have. You can create boundless amount of impact with your idea if you know how to convey it to a big audience sitting and listening to you in the hall with passion, conviction, and authenticity.

With TED Talks guide, you will learn how to control your nerve by practicing useful tips to make you feel comfortable talking to a huge crowd. The main four steps include starting with the right foundation, building your ideas, preparing before the speech, and delivering your ideas to people.

Chris advises to take this book as a tool to help you prepare for your big speech. It is recommended that you treat this book like a guide to help you prepare for your talk rather than a stick norm to follow, which can limit your flow of ideas during the speech.

It is uplifting to see the growing TED Talks series organised in Cambodia, which could be a portal opening to another potential future for us. I personally would recommend this book for you to read over the weekend, whether you are a high school student preparing to enter university or a recent graduate with the passion to share ideas. It is good to never underestimate your power of creating an impact to the society and eventually changing the world for the better.​

Author: Chris Anderson
Publication: Mariner Books, 2017

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