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Foreigner arrested in fake bomb plot

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fake bombs
Police detain the man accused of planting fake bombs. Fresh News

Municipal police in collaboration with Por Senchey district police yesterday arrested a Chinese national on suspicion that he was attempting to blow up a fellow national’s house in the district.

Colonel Yim Sarann, district police chief, identified the suspect as Leu Zun, 39, a tourist, noting that he was caught red-handed trying to plant what looked like improvised bombs in the house in Choam Chao I commune.

He said Mr Zun was arrested after a villager tipped off police that he saw Mr Zun behaving suspiciously outside the house.

“We arrested a Chinese man who was carrying five suspected improvised bombs at about 9.30am outside the house in Choam Chao I commune,” Col Sarann said. “We questioned him and he said he was trying to scare another Chinese national who lived in the house.”

He said that the suspect told police that he came to Cambodia because the Chinese national, a friend, had promised him a job but did not do deliver, causing him to spend a lot of money by staying in a hotel for about two months.

The fake bombs. Fresh News

“He confessed that he just wanted to scare his friend because he was angry with him,” Col Sarann said.

He noted that after seizing the five suspected bombs, police officer called in CMAC experts who found that packages were full of sand but did not contain any explosives.

“The five packages were wrapped up to look like bombs but could not explode,” Col Sarann noted. “Even though they were fake bombs, his activity still caused chaos and public disorder.”

Lieutenant General Sar Thet, Phnom Penh police chief, yesterday confirmed that CMAC experts did not find any explosives in the fake bombs.

“The suspect made the packages look like improvised bombs in order to scare his friend,” he noted.

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