Man accused of police impersonation

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The accused posed as an officer to extort money from drug users. Nokor Wat

Daun Penh district police on Saturday arrested a 25-year-old man accused of impersonating a police officer to extort hundreds of dollars from drug users.

Captain Sok Heng, a district penal police officer, identified the suspect as Prak Chandaravong.

Cap Heng said at about 10pm on Saturday, Mr Chandaravong, who was in a ranking police officer’s uniform, extorted three youths under threat of arrest.

He said Mr Chandaravong chased the youths on his motorbike, stopped them and accused them of being drug dealers and traffickers.

Cap Heng said as Mr Chandaravong was extorting the youths, three actual police officers from the district penal department asked him for his police ID and documents.

Police then discovered that Mr Chandaravong was impersonating a police officer and arrested him.

The motorbike used by the accused. Nokor Wat

Police also arrested the three youths because they were suspected of being drug users, and sent them to be questioned at the district police station.

“He doesn’t have a real job or an address,” Cap Heng said. “He disguised himself as a penal police officer.”

“He extorted money from youths he suspected to be drug users.” he added. “He also extorted people who came out of nightclubs and karaoke bars at night.”

Cap Heng noted that police confiscated the uniform, a cellphone, a handheld receiver, and the motorbike.

Colonel Tean Chansar, chief of district police, yesterday said Mr Chandaravong is still being held and questioned.

Col Chansar said Mr Chandaravong is now accused of use of uniform similar to police and fraud.

If convicted, Mr Chandaravong could face up to three years in prison, he said.

Col Chansar noted that Mr Chandaravong will be sent to Phnom Penh Municipal Court today.

Regarding the three youths, Col Chansar said they were released because they did not commit a crime.

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