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After Khmer New Year clean up

Good Times2 Staff / Khmer Times Share:
Mondul K Resort staff and their families help gather wastes left by Khmer New Year revelers in Sen Monorom. The resort aims to encourage locals and foreigners to maintain cleanliness. Supplied

We all surely had a great time on Khmer New Year. There were vibrant and loud celebrations everywhere in the country as we all got reunited with our loved ones and made the most of our well-deserved long holiday.

Most of us went to pagodas to offer prayers, prepared a feast in our homes for the whole family and visited some of the country’s most beautiful tourist sites.

But after the loud parties, fun games, delicious feasts and memorable get-togethers, we seemingly have forgotten to take with us something important: our own garbage.

In Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri – where many locals and foreigners visited for this year’s three-day revelry – plastics, papers, tin cans and bottles were scattered everywhere after Khmer New Year. Places were filled with garbage and flies, quite an ironic scene from the previous days’ colourful events.

Seeing this scene, all the staff and owners of Bousra Eco Park, Mayura Hill Resort and Mayura Zipline initiated a clean-up drive on April 17, a day after the New Year celebrations.

Dozens of the resort staff helped gather trashes and segregated them all for easier disposal and recycling. They roamed around Sen Monorom, picking every piece of dirt and making sure the place is completely free from litters. Families and children also helped in the clean-up drive.

Davina Garnette, marketing manager of Mondul K Resort, said that the company holds the clean-up drive every after Khmer New Year and other special holidays in Cambodia.

“We want to let all the people know that Mondulkiri is a natural province and if they start polluting this one, we will lose all of our natural resoruces. It’s just very sad that Mondulkiri gets abused this way after public holidays,” Davina shared.

The group collected more than 50 big bags of wastes from Sen Monorom alone. Worse scenes of scattered garbage were expected in other places outside of Mondulkiri.

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