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Mengly J. Quach’s business ideas

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Launched just before Khmer New Year, ‘Mengly J. Quach’s Business Ideas’ is arguably one of Dr. Mengly J. Quach’s most informative book to date. The educationist-slash-medical doctor’s business book – his sixth publication – consists of 43 chapters which all depict different aspects of successfully running a business – factors to consider, right attitude, implementation, concepts and ideas.

The book introduces and explains key ideas on how one can start a business and lead it to success. Based on his own experiences, Dr. Mengly elaborates very inclusively on business preparation both through soft and hard skills such as methods, theory, leadership, scope, market, product, recruitment, reputation, solution, financial management, corporate social responsibility and many others.

In the second chapter, Dr. Mengly talks about how he started his own business, and points out five general skills that he has learned all throughout his journey as a businessman – passion, knowledge, skills, experience, practice.

But Dr. Mengly emphasised that those who aim to create successful business ventures should also focus on four other points. Business-minded people should find sustainable capital, potential location, trustworthy partner and high skilled and knowledgable people to help them run businesses smoothly. He also comments on the fact that young Cambodians seem to be in a rush to have their own businesses even when they know that they still lack main resources to make their ventures grow.

Author: Dr. Mengly J. Quach
Publication: Mengly J.Quach University Press, 2019

Aside from the insightful information and personal accounts on businesses, ‘Mengly J. Quach’s Business Ideas’ also strongly suggests that all successful businessmen and business owe their triumph to the people who work for them and to the public who support their products and services. Dr. Mengly notes that it is a significant step for business owners to always give back to the community, who is the main reason why they have prospered.

And while all of us believe that the way to gauge a business’ success is by how much it earns, Dr. Mengly disagrees. In the last chapter of his book, he emphasises that the success and sustainability of a certain company can be seen through its CSR projects. The more they create programmes that benefit the society, the farther they’ll go in the business journey.

The interesting thing about this book is how Dr. Mengly openly reveals his personal success and failures in putting up businesses in the Kingdom. The book clearly aims to inspire young and old to take calculated risks in entrepreneurship.


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