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Ministry plans to modernise patient medical records

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Health Minister Mam Bun Heng speaks with patients during a hospital visit. Supplied

The Health Ministry is planning to modernise the way state hospitals examine a patient’s medical history by implementing a digitalised hospital system called “Peth Yoeung” already being used in some private clinics.

The plan to do so was unveiled by Health Minister Mam Bun Heng during a visit to Preah Ang Duong Hospital on Friday, where he said this hospital’s system will be the first to be digitised.

Mr Bun Heng added that after it has been launched, the ministry will then apply the system to other state hospitals so patients can receive easier access to treatments at a reduced cost.

He noted patients will receive a medical ID card containing their personalised digital medical records.

“It will show the patient’s history uploaded into a system,” Mr Bun Heng said. “It will also show which medication a patient is taking in order to make it easier to monitor their health.”

“Some countries have already implemented this system,” he added. “We are training our doctors and medical staff on this modern technology.”

Pong Limsan, Founder and CEO of First Womentech Asia and Peth Yoeung and developer of the digital medical system, yesterday said the system was first implemented in some private clinics in 2013.

Mr Bun Heng speaks with a doctor. Supplied

Ms Lim San said she is planning to train state doctors and medical staff on how the system works starting next month.

“The digital hospital management system will enable Cambodia, as well as other countries, to have its own health data management system to manage patient care and services quickly and effectively,” she said.

Ms Lim San said that Preah Ang Duong Hospital doctors and medical staff are currently being trained, and that the system will be officially launched in June at the hospital.

Lou Ly Kheang, director of Preah Ang Duong Hospital, said it is necessary to train doctors and staff on how to utilise the system.

“Our doctors and staffers are already used to making orders and prescribing medication electronically,” Mr Ly Kheang said. “So after more training on the new system, the system will be well implemented.”

The government has been attempting to provide more services to citizens.

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs last month launched the new Nokor Tep Hospital in Phnom Penh’s Dangkor district in order to address reproductive health of impoverished women.

Ing Kantha Phavi, Minister of Women’s Affairs, at the time said the hospital is part of the government’s policy in promoting women’s health.

The hospital provides services to impoverished women such as radiotherapy to treat breast and cervical cancer, and other gynaecological consultation services.

The hospital’s collaborative department has worked with several countries and the Health Ministry in order to provide better health services to women in the Kingdom.

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