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Ratanakkiri Governor instructs officials on Asian Swine Fever

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
A woman sells pork in the capital. KT/Tep Sony

Ratanakkiri provincial Governor Thorng Savun has instructed everyone in the province to prevent the transportation of pigs and pork products in order to avoid the spread of African swine fever.

Mr Savun made the instruction in a statement yesterday.

In it, he said the provincial agriculture department has been cooperating with the animal health and production department to monitor and prevent the spread of ASF in the province.

He said local officials and residents must cooperate with animal health officials to monitor the health of animals and the status of breeding farms. Mr Savun said should residents and officials come across a sick or dead pig, the finding should be reported.

“Officers stationed at international checkpoints have prohibited and prevented the transportation of pigs and pork products that have no legal permission,” he said. “Do not allow the transportation of pigs and pork products from Ratanakkiri for the time being.”

Mr Savun said owners of slaughterhouses must comply and cooperate with animal health officials and traders in order to sell pigs that are not infected with ASF.

Soy Sona, director of the provincial agriculture department, yesterday said provincial hall had told his officials to disseminate information regarding ASF in order to prevent an outbreak.

In addition, Mr Sona said his department was instructed to prevent the transportation of pigs and pork products from one village to another.

“Our officials have already disseminated to people in villages that if their pigs are sick or dead, they must report it immediately so health officials can inspect, collect and destroy the infected animal, if the virus is detected,” he said. “This disease spreads quickly and we have to timely prevent its spread.”

Mr Sona said that ASF was first detected in O’Yadav district on March 22. Since then, nearly 600 pigs have been culled.

“After we’ve disseminated information, people from different parts of the province have reported cases of dead pigs,” he said. “Though some of those pigs have died for a long time, we will still continue to monitor the situation and conduct tests on pigs in order to spread ASF from spreading.”

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