Long Bay · Dara Sakor Sail Deep into the Blue Ocean —— ZHENG HENG (Cambodia) Co., Ltd and Cushman & Wakefield reached strategic cooperation

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Signing Ceremony
Signing Ceremony

ZHENG HENG (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, as the leader of Sino-Cambodia Road Model for Economic Cooperation and the Key Project of “Belt and Road” – Dara Sakor Tourism and resort project in Cambodia, held a signing ceremony with Cushman & Wakefield, one of the four leading global real estate consultants at ZHENG HENG diamond island office in Phnom Penh for the cooperation of project market research and land valuation direction at 3:00pm in 3rd Apr. 2019.

Mr. Deng Pi Bing, chairman of ZHENG HENG (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, Mr. Chen Jiahui, Managing director of Cushman & Wakefield Great China and Mr. Hu Feng, senior director of Cushman & Wakefield North China Region has attended the signing ceremony. The elites of the industry and 30 Cambodian and Chinese Medias gathered here to witness this historic moment.

The Powerful Combination of Superb Enterprises to Create New Ear of Cultural-Oriented tourism in Cambodia

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Cushman & Wakefield is one of the four leading global real estate consultants in the world which is established in Birmingham, U.K., 1784. Cushman & Wakefield is one of the top real estate services firms with 43,000 employees in approximately 60 countries provide the service includes Global Enterprise Services, Property Management, Hotel Management and Consulting Services, Facilities Management, Valuation and Consulting, Property Investment, Office Agents, Store Consulting and Agent Services, Industrial Real Estate Investment Services, Housing Services, Construction Consultants.

Cushman & Wakefield Visit Sand Table

Cushman & Wakefield Visit Sand Table

As a benchmark project of “Belt and Road” and the model of Sino-Cambodia cooperation, [Long Bay · Dara Sakor] will become the first project for Cushman & Wakefield in Cambodia. Both parties wish to provide an open and fair value standards for the investors of [Long Bay · Dara Sakor] through the cooperation of ZHENG HENG (Cambodia) Co., Ltd – Cushman & Wakefield to compose a new chapter of Cambodian urban development from an international perspective, to create a new destination for cultural-oriented tourism and resort in the seaside of Southeast Asia, and delivery another global tourism and leisure resort, [Long Bay · Dara Sakor] , in the global tourism territory of Cambodia in addition to the world’s miracle Angkor Wat.

[Long Bay · Dara Sakor] Stunning the World by Over Ten Years In-depth Development of Cambodia
In 2008, the Union Group (China) signed an agreement with the Cambodian Government on the development of Dara Sakor Tourism and Holiday Special Zone in Koh Kong, Cambodia.

ZHENG HENG (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. has become one of the earliest professional real estate development and tourism investment management companies to investigate and enter the Cambodian market. In 2018, the first section of Dara Sakor, [Long Bay · Dara Sakor] Cultural-oriented Tourism Resort Town was officially started the construction.

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The project is located in the core of Dara Sakor tourism and resort with the total area 200 hectares. It is surrounding by the mountain and sea and own 1.9 kilometers high-quality coast line. With 8 major functional areas: Intelligent Industrial Park, Commercial Street, Cultural-Orientation Travel Area, Sea View Apartment, Villa Resort, Yacht Harbor Resort, Coastal Leisure Resort Hotel Area and Jinghai Bath, we aim to create the world class cultural-oriented tourism and resort new destination.

55 Hectares phase I Intelligent Industrial Park is divided into 7 phases and will develop within 3 years to form a high-end and mature community for the accommodation of 50,000 people. Absorb 80,000 people in five years in industry and tourism.

Vigorously Inject Vigor into The Ear of Great Cultural-Oriented Tourism, Start A New Era of Coastal Resort.

[Long Bay · Dara Sakor] project is an open and free forge ahead project。 On the basis of Sino-Cambodia Special Zone Dara Sakor’s substantive promotion of “Belt and Road” strategy is another innovative attempt to further implement the replication, exploration, upgrading and customization of China’s development model and achieve perfect landing on the basis of global economic cooperation and development.

In cooperation with Cushman & Wakefield to expand international capital and resources, guide by the value concept of co-creation, co-construction and sharing, and build a cultural-oriented tourism hotspot project in Southeast Asia with an international perspective and a broad world outlook on the platform with open, free and above board.

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Under the powerful combination of ZHENG HENG (Cambodia) Co., Ltd and Cushman & Wakefield, Long Bay · Dara Sakor Cultural-oriented tourism and resort are bound to attract the attention n of the global trades, industries and cultural tourism industry. With industry as the foundation and culture as the soul, and with the support of the governments of Cambodia and China, we will build a world-class one-stop for Cultural-oriented IP tourism destination under the promotion of sustained, steady and high-quality construction. Create the model of cooperation between Cambodia and China, and start a new era of investment, culture-oriented and tourism in Southeast Asia!

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