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Government to bring Turkish powership

Chea Vannak / Khmer Times Share:
The government says it will consider new energy projects next week to overcome the current energy deficit. KT/Chor Sokunthea

To counter an energy deficit that is causing daily blackouts across the country, the government said on Wednesday that it will rent a from Turkey for the next three years.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said the 200-megawatt floating power plant will be brought to Phnom Penh, and added that this is just one element of a wider strategy to enhance and diversify the power supply through investments in energy projects.

“We need more power. We are now bringing a floating plant from Turkey that will be used for the next three years. We have also asked Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos to sell us more power, while new power investments will be discussed next week,” he said.

Cambodia and Turkey started negotiations over the powership last week.

The country is now experiencing daily power cuts as a result of extremely hot and dry weather. The seven hydropower dams in the country are unable to produce energy due to a lack of rain.

Mr Hun Sen said a slew of new construction projects in the first two months of the year caused energy consumption to skyrocket.

“Construction projects have dramatically risen in number, and our estimates for the energy that we needed were wrong,” he said, adding that his government will begin discussing new investments in energy-related projects next week.

Thailand and Laos have already agreed to increase power exports to Cambodia while power imports from Vietnam are also expected to increase, Mr Hun Sen said.

Ty Norin, secretary of state at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, said that Cambodia will receive 90 additional megawatts from Thailand and Laos.

“Thailand agreed to sell us more power. Before we were importing about 120 MW and now Thailand will give us 200 MW.

“Laos will provide 50 MW, 10 more than before. So, in total, we are getting 90 MW more,” Mr Norin said.

Cambodia now imports 170 MW from Vietnam, he added.

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