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Can these high school misfits save ‘OA’ and help stop Hap’s destructive plans? Netflix

“I was pressed down like coal. I suffered. That’s what an angel is. Dust pressed into a diamond by the weight of this world. The Original Angel, OA.”

Part 2 of one of Netflix best shows – The OA – is finally available with eight episodes, which will definitely give fans and newbies a lot to talk about in the next weeks and probably months.

The OA’s last season’s narrative focused on two groups of people. OA’s storytelling focused on one group of misfit high school students and then there was another group who were also Dr. Hunter Aloysius ‘Hap’ Percy’s (Jason Isaacs) lab rats. They were made as case studies because of their NDE (Near Death Experience).

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Brit Marling as the ‘OA’. Netflix

The misfit group has Steve (Patrick Gibson) who used to be extremely violent, obnoxious, and since last season, has transformed into someone who believes in OA (Brit Marling) and leads the group; there is now the ex-teacher Betty (Phyllis Smith) who was suffering from residual guilt over the death of her brother and has now become the communicator across the multiverse in this new season.Alfonso (Brandon Perea) was the high-achieving scholarship student who was taking care of his dysfunctional family. He is the voice of doubt in this season. Jesse (Brendan Meyer) is an orphaned kid – someone with no real supervision which results to him feeling so invisible.

Buck (Ian Alexander) is a transgender boy who suffered from isolation. This all changes as Buck’s storyline takes a twist of fate as we jump into the multiverse, landing in a timeline when Buck is Michelle and her consciousness goes missing.

Towards the end of the first season, everyone thought the books (about angles, near death experiences, etc) under Prairie’s bed were pieces of evidence. She was lying. If Prairie didn’t order those books, who did? That gets answered in Season Two.

The series’ finale has a somewhat thawed school shooting. The group was given the power to resurrect the dead, to shift dimensions and to transcend time through the five movements with specific repetition of postures. It’s not clear to the viewer if these movements really work but the last thing we see is OA getting shot.

In Part Two, we do finally get the answer that OA did not die. She did, in fact, travel. Only in this timeline, she is Nina – the daughter of a Russian oligarch who for some reason in this dimension never went on the bus that provided her with her NDE.Because you know, being a traveler does not come with a guide book. OA does not have any memories of Nina’s life, only her life as OA. However, it becomes important in Season Two for her to recall Nina’s life.

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Alfonso is not ready to lose his “good seat” in this dimension, so he goes on trying to convince the group that none of it was real. But Prairie’s dad revealed that he bought the books but has never actually read them.

This awareness brings the group back together in search of OA. Everyone asks, “Where did she go?”

The first episode titled “Angel of Death,” starts off slow. We meet a new character named Karim Washington (Kingsley Ben-Adir), a private detective hired to find a missing girl named Michelle Vu.

The house of Nob Hill in ‘The OA’ is based on a real mansion. Netflix

Karim’s investigation leads him to “the puzzle,” an augmented reality mobile game that’s all the rage with teens. He embarks on an investigation where he must learn not to find the physical but become aware of the conscious stream that exists.

This leads him to some dark places that many do not return from. He partners with OA, but for obvious reasons, he is suspicious of her involvement with the missing children. But he knows that all of whom are connected to this mysterious reality game with no name, and that OA has a hand in this mystery.

OA is reunited with all those she spent time with in the underground cave. The catch, however, is that her beloved Homer (Emory Cohen) – the reason she was able to will herself to jump back to the group – is not able to recall his other dimensional self. Just as in the Season One, Hap is once again a mad scientist that plays the role of sociopathic villain so well.

Eventually, OA is able to help Karim out the games’ end phase, which is a house that is designed to protect a magical spring. The house however was built like a puzzle to ensure its own survival. OA, in one of my favourite episodes titled ‘The Medium and the Mechanic’, is able to get into the secret door with Karim’s help.

Once she enters the house, OA is sucked into the tree of life where the following information is given to OA to prepare her to take on mad doctor Hap.

Can these high school misfits save ‘OA’ and help stop Hap’s destructive plans? Netflix

“We have been calling to you from inside the earth for many years. Nina is a medium who can communicate with the natural world. We are running out of time. The one who seeks to own you is going to make a powerful discovery. He will use this to destroy your faith in yourself. The only way to recover is to form a tribe.”

“No tree survives alone in the forest. When one tree falls ill, we all send it food. For if one tree dies, the canopy is broken. Then, we all suffer the weather and pestilence that flood in. You will not survive on your own.”

This sets the stage for the viewer to know that the high school misfits will be needed to save OA.

Can they do it? And does finding OA give way to also find the missing children? Watch ‘The OA’ Season 2 to find out the answers.

‘The OA’ is a sci-fi series that doesn’t feel very sci-fi at all. It has many layers to it. I would say it is a blend of mysticism, science, fiction and spirituality. The show will leave you craving for answers, teary eyed, and heartbroken. And it may give you a newfound wisdom, too.

It’s mind-blowing. I dare you to experience ‘The OA’ yourself.

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