Towards a better future: Hope School of Cambodia gets computers, new classroom

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On Wednesday morning last week, hundreds of students of Hope School of Cambodia were all smiles as they joined the official launch of ‘Beautiful Classroom in Cambodia’, a joint project of Asiana Airlines and BYSOnanummaul.

When poverty deprives you from setting your goals in life, nothing can be more uplifting than knowing people who are willing to extend their help. This was exactly what the students felt when they welcomed the representatives from the two organisations. The school received 40 computer units, slide projector, a well-equipped classroom and additional facilities and materials to aid the students’ learning.

Sang Yong Kang, public relations manager of Asiana Airlines in Cambodia said, “I confidently believe all these materials could stimulate students to perceive new knowledge on the digital platform and the school can also further develop computer skills of their students living around here effectively”.

Asiana Airlines has focused its CSR projects in improving education in Asean member states. The ‘Beautiful Classroom’ project, according to Sang Yong Kang, goes beyond proving computer sets to schools.

“We sponsor all these study materials because we hope students can adapt themselves to new technological platforms. And we will not stop here. In our next CSR project, we look forward to helping more schools which don’t have enough materials for developing capacity of their students,” Mr Kang said.

Deputy director of Hope School of Cambodia, Suong Sokha, said during last week’s momentous event that he is very thankful towards the two companies that generously offered help to the students. He told Youth Today that the school does not only provide free education to students but also uniforms and study materials.

Mr Sokha revealed that Hope School of Cambodia was built in 2003 by a Korean couple for financially-challenged students to pursue education and achieve their dreams.

“People who live around this place are less fortunate and they can’t send their children to schools. Hope School was originally in Koh Pich. But when it was transferred to Anduang community in 2006, the community has benefited a lot. It changed the lives of many students. And now with 420 students, we have created a community like that of a public school where students can learn from kindergarten to high school. We are financially supported by the Korean couple and other companies.”

Mr Sokha also highlighted that the computer donation from Asian Airlines will be a big help to many students in acquiring computer skills, which they can also use in their higher education or when they find jobs in the future.

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