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Ex-KPP president to form new party before 2022

Taing Vida / Khmer Times Share:
Sourn Serey Ratha. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Former Khmer Power Party president Sourn Serey Ratha yesterday said he will submit required documents with the Interior Ministry in order to create a new political party before the 2022 commune elections.

Mr Serey Ratha said the party’s permanent committee is currently deciding on the name of the party, noting that could either be named the Khmer Reform Party or the People Empowerment Party.

He said that the ministry should disband the KPP so its members can freely join the new party and compete in the upcoming commune election.

“I have prepared enough members to form this new party. I wish to continue my political career with former members of the KPP,” Mr Serey Ratha said. “I will inform the ministry about the name of the party and request to maintain the statute of the KPP because I was the one who formed it.”

Prak Sam Oeun, director-general of the ministry’s general administration department, said Mr Serey Ratha has to file required documents and prove that his party will comply with the Law on Political Parties.

“Mr Serey Ratha can register a new political party, but I do not think he can make a request to maintain the statute of the KPP with all of its former members unless they agree to resign from the KPP and join him,” Mr Sam Oeun said.

Mr Sam Oeun was referring to a statement by Interior Minister Sar Kheng who said that KPP president Soung Sophorn must change the party’s name due to a request by Mr Serey Ratha.

Mr Sophorn yesterday said KPP will soon be known as the Khmer Win Party.

“Though the name of the party is going to change, its structure, leadership and members remained the same,” he said. “I do not think it is possible for Mr Serey Ratha to include them in the new party if they are not willing to join him.”

In September, Mr Serey Ratha filed a complaint against Mr Sophorn alleging that the latter had forged public documents to oust him from the leadership position.

Mr Serey Ratha was ousted as he was in prison serving a year sentence after being found guilty of inciting military disobedience and demoralising the army.

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