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Experience Sharing on Careers in Public, Private Sectors & NGO
March 23 @ CJCC
Visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/2536958609709095/?ti=icl

The seminar on “Experience Sharing on Careers in Public, Private Sectors and NGO” is organised to give concepts and tips to university students related to self-preparation for future career at any institution such as public or private sector or civil society organisations. Experienced speakers in various sectors will be invited to share.

My Body, My Choice
March 24, 3 pm – 7 pm @ The Factory Phnom Penh
Contact: 069 901 627
Free Entry

The event on “My Body, My Choice” is hosted to celebrate the International Women’s Day which also honours the struggle of all women around the world. It is also aimed to encourage everyone to end all forms of violence against women. Participants will enjoy different performances and have a chance to meet with Cambodian women activists from other sectors in the country.

SCIA 1st Sports Day
March 22, 9 am – 12 pm @ Premium Sports Club
Visit: www.scia.edu.kh

SCIA will hold its 1st Sports Day where students will showcase their sporting talents witnessed by their parents. The Sports Day encourages students to develop their athletic skills and the sportsmanship spirit of accepting challenges and overcoming obstacles. Visitors are welcome to join the event.

SCIA Inspires Series: Entrepreneurship & the Roadmap to Success
March 30, 2 – 5 pm @ The Desk Coworking Space
Registration: https://www.scia.edu.kh/scia-event/inspires-series-entrepreneurship/

SCIA will host the 2nd SCIA Inspires Series forum with the topic, “Entrepreneurship and the Roadmap to Success”. SCIA has invited business leaders and entrepreneurs to share their life journey and tips on staying ahead of the curve in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertainty, complex and ambiguity) environment.



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