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Hun Sen to file about 32 lawsuits against Rainsy

Taing Vida / Khmer Times Share:
Mr Hun Sen’s lawyer Ky Tech. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday said his lawyers are preparing to file dozens of lawsuits against former opposition leader Sam Rainsy over his insults and will seek to seize his property as compensation.

Speaking to thousands of garment workers in Koh Kong province, Mr Hun Sen said his lawyers are considering filing about 32 lawsuits, mostly related to insult and defamation, against Mr Rainsy over his Facebook posts.

“You scoundrel [Mr Rainsy] cursed my life. I will not forgive this,” he said. “I told my lawyers to study what had been posted on Facebook in which he insulted me by using photos with my head cut off.”

Mr Hun Sen added that the 32 cases will be handled by his lawyers and he will ask them to figure out how they could request for an order to have Mr Rainsy’s properties seized as compensation.

“Please seize all his properties. I believe the compensation will be about $2 million,” he said. “I regret that this is now happening. I had previously only requested for 100 riels as compensation, but this time I will not forgive his actions and will donate money raised from selling all the properties to help orphans.”

Ky Tech, a lawyer for Mr Hun Sen, declined to give details about the lawsuits, saying that he and his team need to handle the cases properly and file complaints in the court.

“We are now working on this. I’m sorry that I cannot provide details now because it will affect our work and the court’s investigation,” he said.

Sam Sokong, a lawyer for Mr Rainsy, yesterday noted that about 12 insult and defamation lawsuits against his client are now in the procedure stage at the upper courts, meaning that the court will not be able to issue any order to seize his client’s property.

“My client had no chance to defend all these lawsuits. It’s unjust because he could not verbally protect himself in court and provide evidence himself,” he said. “I have filed many appeals against the municipal court’s decisions, so I do not think my client is concerned about the new threats now.”

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