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We experience various quandaries in our everyday lives – some may be petty, some may be serious. We worry about how to answer our exams, where to eat, when to ride a public transport, what to wear for the day, etc.

Luckily, Cambodia is blessed with talented and innovative people who want to make our lives easier and more comfortable through “one click away” mobile applications.

Raksa Umchan picks five of the best free apps from Google Play and App Store that were made by Cambodians for Cambodians.


Tos Rean

Are you looking for a good tutor to aid you in your preparation for BACII exam? Tos Rean can be your perfect study buddy. Tos Rean is a mobile application where you can find a tutor with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Created by Hengjimmy Song, the app contains nothing but factual, informative and educational details about finding the right tutor you can be comfortable with. This may just be your way to perfecting the national exam!


Feeling hungry but too lazy to go out? Just stay still, pick up your phone and order your favourite food and drinks through Nham24. This app lets you order from local restaurants in the capital. Go24 Pte., Ltd., the maker of the app, has partnered with several restaurants and food shops in Phnom Penh so app users will have an easy and comfortable way to get their food delivered right into their doorstep. The delivery price is just reasonable so you don’t have to worry too much and just enjoy your meal.

Chuon Nath Digital Dictionary

Khmer language is a difficult language even to the very users of the language. Writing and verbalising Khmer words need caution as they require correct pronunciation, stress and syllabication. If you have an essay to submit a day after tomorrow or a debate competition to join next week or you just really want to deepen your knowledge in your own language, download Chuon Nath now. This mobile app, created by Marry Kong, is always ready to be tapped and scrolled every time you need help in Khmer words.


There’s a way you can save time going from one shop to the other to buy clothes, shoes, bags and other stuff. With MyPhsar, you’ll get the best deals at the comfort of your home. You’ll get to know online sellers – from fashion to household things and even house and lot – that are always ready give you your orders. And not only that, you can be a seller as well. Appchance designed the mobile app to give everyone a chance to make quality purchases without sweat.


It’s summer time already and you’re already planning for your getaways with friends and family. Get BookMeBus app from Camtasia Technology Co., Ltd. so you’ll know where you can buy bus tickets to your destination. The app also provides you with the best deals on bus, taxi and ferry prices. And since the app makers want to make sure you don’t forget your trip schedules, the app will send you reminders of your upcoming escapade. All you have to think about now is how you’ll make the most of your short holiday.

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