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Opportunity knocks at BKK1’S The View

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Finding the perfect opportunity for you can be the hardest part of finding real estate. Your home is the place where you live. You spend countless hours there. Before you buy, you want to make sure you’re getting the best package.Whether you’re shopping for a bachelor pad, a family condo, a second home or an investment opportunity, The View in BKK1 will check all the boxes. With second-to-none amenities and an ultra prime location, this building is an opportunity that will change your life.

Perhaps the most apparent advantage of The View is its placement. They say that the three most important factors of real estate are location, location, and location. Jokes aside, BKK1 is a powerhouse in the capital.

In the 1990s, when international organisations began establishing offices in Cambodia, they chose to place them close to where the embassies stood. That area came to be known as the foreign quarter, BKK1.

Taking a look at the stats, it’s clear that BKK1 has it all. They consist of sixteen embassies, over 90 major restaurants, 50 banks, 40 schools, and 30 hospitals and clinics.

BKK1 has something for everyone. If you live in luxury, every amenity is right at your doorstep. If you want open space and nature, just take a short ride to the river, the countryside or the nearby villages.

Julianne Ho, assistant general manager of sales and marketing for The View, says the complex caters to many expats relocating to Cambodia from Western nations and across Asia.

“We have residents from almost every sector, be it embassy workers or bank employees,” she adds.

Transportation is easy. It does not matter whether you drive a motorbike or a car, you can get to all the major areas quickly. For instance, it only takes five minutes to Central Market, 15 minutes to the airport, four minutes to the riverside and Royal Palace, and four minutes to Olympic Stadium.

For anyone who drives a lot in Phnom Penh, you would know that traffic can be a nightmare but being in the centre of the city means you can use any mode of transport and get to where you’re going fast.

Sure, the location is important but what about the building’s facilities. Well, The View is without a doubt one of the most luxurious abodes in Cambodia. It was designed by world-class Japanese visionary Kato Yoshio. This place was built to stand the test of time. It will be a prominent part of the city’s skyline for decades to come.

Safety and longevity were kept as the highest priorities during the construction period. UC Design-build, the name behind Sokha Hotel, was called in to lead contracting.

Just off the entrance of The View you will see a lounge, cafe, mailroom, locker room and reception area. You can get your morning coffee here, pick up deliveries or just relax in the evening. And don’t forget about the onsite breakfast bar!

But true relaxing will definitely take place up on the roof. There you will find a full swimming pool and deck chairs, a garden, a board room, and fully-equipped gym. Oh, and did we mention the traditional Japanese furo? It has got special pools for hot and cold plunges.

The units themselves range from 33.79 to 78.28 square metres. This means with almost any budget, you can secure a piece of your future. Units come in over 15 different configurations. Whatever your preference, there will be something for you and every home offers the most up-to-date stylings so you can live the life of an urban elite today.

So, we know that all day-to-day worries will be gone after you buy a unit at The View but what about the future? Well, The View is an investment that means your future will surely be bright.

Right now, Cambodia is experiencing a massive wave of investment. There’s a common saying, “if you want to know about the future potential of an area, just count the number of cranes on the skyline”. Go to a high point in the capital and you will see tonnes of them.

Investments are flowing into the country for a few key reasons: dollarisation (which) gives investors confidence, fees and restrictions are quite low, there are no earthquakes, labour is affordable, there is political stability, and economic growth is steady.

In previous years, investment in Cambodia was a high risk, high reward move. Now, many of the risks have faded away, leaving behind high rewards. Besides, everyone needs a place to live and as Phnom Penh continues to develop, more people will come. BKK1 would remain at the centre. If you buy a studio here, you can lease it out for $1,000 per month. Rents for one-bedroom and two-bedroom units are $1,500 and $2,000 per month, respectively.

Putting down money for a unit at The View is like putting down an investment in BKK1 for Phnom Penh and for Cambodia, in general. In many cases, rental rates in BKK1 are more than double of what you would find elsewhere in the city. These rates are expected to rise.

The View’s Ms Ho says she believes many people will see the advantage of living luxuriously in the heart of the capital. “We know that this will be a dream home for many people.”

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