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Woman jailed for issuing dud cheque

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea / Khmer Times Share:
The woman jailed over the dud cheque. Koh Santepheap

Phnom Penh Municipal Court yesterday sentenced a woman to one year and seven months in prison after she was found guilty of issuing a $50,000 dud cheque to a businesswoman in 2017.

Judge Yi Sokvouch said 52-year-old Pheng Mom, who lived in Daun Penh district, was found guilty of “issuing a bad cheque” to 51-year-old land broker Taing Socheath.

“The court convicts the accused and sentences her to a year and seven months in prison,” Judge Sokvouch said. “The court orders her to pay $50,000 in damages to the plaintiff in this case.”

She noted that on November 6, 2017, Ms Mom borrowed $50,000 from Ms Socheath, who was a friend at the time, in order to expand a restaurant business in Phnom Penh.

However, Ms Mom was unable to return the borrowed money by the agreed upon deadline of December 6, 2017.

Instead, Ms Mom issued a bad cheque to the victim and fled, Judge Sokvouch said.

Judge Sokvouch said the victim filed a case against Ms Mom in April last year and police were able to apprehend Ms Mom the following month.

During the trial yesterday Ms Mom told the court that the verdict was unjust and that she will appeal.

She said she had only borrowed $10,000 from Ms Socheat.

“On the day I borrowed the money, I only received $10,000, but she forced me to issue a $50,000 cheque as a guarantee,” Ms Mom said. “I trusted her and issued it as she had demanded.”

“On the day payment was due, I had problems but she deposited the cheque anyway and had me arrested,” she added.

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