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Brolom Chet

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We easily fall in love with women whose kindness and compassion exude every time they speak. But finding that perfect woman isn’t as easy as it sounds. And even if you do, there are still several factors you have to consider – your family, the people around you and outside circumstances that may directly affect your relationship.

If you’re facing this kind of dilemma, you somehow share the same pain with Visoth Sila, a 31-year-old rich man whose wife died in an unexpected way. Sila carries the pain and sadness with him every day. He then gets involved in an argument with Pka Keo, a fresh graduate, who stands firm on her principles. In an unexpected turn of events, Sila asked Pka Keo’s hand in marriage.

Pka Keo is hesitant to marry Sila at first. But she unlocks the mystery of her sister’s death on the same day Sila proposes to her. Her sister did a self-abortion. Pka Keo finds a ring as she checks her sister’s things; and the ring bears the engraved name of Sila. To seek justice for her sister’s death, Pka Keo decides to accept the proposal.

They hold a simple wedding celebration, despite the fact that Sila is a well-known businessman in Battambang.

The new couple, with their bitter past, start to feel something for each other. Love and care eventually grow in them. But their budding romance is cut off by Liya, Sila’s former wife’s sister. Liya, who came from France, hopes to marry Sila as she has long been in love with him. She refuses to give up despite knowing that Sila is married anew.

Sila knows what’s happening. To save his marriage, he decides to take Pka Keo to study in the city. There, Sila meets his old enemy, Soriyakan, who wants to take revenge on him through Pka Keo. But because of Pka Keo’s innate goodness, Soriyakan falls genuinely in love with her.

The story leads to more confusions, tricks, hatred and jealousy. To get their hearts’ desires fulfilled, Soriyakan and Liya create a plan to separate Sila and Pka Keo. Too confused and hurt, Sila plans to break free from his marriage and just run away from Pka Keo.

But how will Pka Keo deal with all these issues she’s confronted with? How will she solve the mystery of her sister’s death? How will she tell Sila that their marriage is not a result of anything else other than fate?

Find the answers to these questions and to many other questions that will surely cloud your mind when you flip each page of “Brolom Chet”, written by legendary author Mao Samnang – an inspiring author who continuously works on promoting the culture of reading in Cambodia through her novels.

With “Brolom Chet”, Mao Samnang tells a story of hope, love and how a woman uses her principles the right way.

This book is available at Scholar Library.

Author: Mao Samnang
Publication: Seavphovjivet, 2018

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