The people’s worst threat

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Sam Rainsy speaking to media after a meeting at the National Assembly in Phnom Penh August 8, 2014. REUTERS/Samrang Pring

Once again, the protégé of Europeans and Americans have just launched an appeal for revolt and civil war. In fiery statements and incendiary writings, the ultranationalist and racist populists that the EU and the US have erected as the so-called “martyrs of freedom” have announced their plans to set the country on fire.

One should ask first why there is such support from the EU and the US. The answer is simple: partisan political affinities. Sam Rainsy ideologically belongs to the conservative right. In the US, he quickly benefited in the nineties from the support of Heritage Foundation and the International Republican Institute. In Europe, the CNRP has joined the Liberal International funded by the Friedrich Neuman Stiftung. And who are people at the highest level in the DG Trade of the European Commission and the European External Action Service? People from the Liberal International and from the Friedrich Neumann Stiftung. No wonder this politician has direct access to the European Commission and the European Parliament. He ends up with political friends.

Sam Rainsy is an irresponsible politician. He knew nothing of the tragedy suffered by the Cambodian people as he lived comfortably in the West while Cambodians were blown to smithereens by bombs dropped by the Americans in the horrors of war provoked by the 1970 American coup. He lived in the West, enjoying a peaceful life while Pol Pot’s men unleashed a reign of terror and massacred people. He lived in the West in comfort while the survivors of the Polpotist genocide were deprived of everything because of the embargo imposed by his European and American friends. During more than twenty years this Khmer person was far removed from the Cambodian people.

What can Cambodians expect from such an individual? Did he do anything other than criticize and make hate speech? Did he do anything other than exacerbate divisions among the people?

As a parliamentarian, has he, even if only once, contributed to a concrete and useful proposal for the people? On the contrary, this man who claims to defend the people, has incessantly from 20 years called on Western nations to impose sanctions on Cambodia with little disregard that the people will be the first victims of such punitive measures. This is the political record of Sam Rainsy: twenty years of vain attempts to inflict pain on Cambodians. To date, he has had zero success and it has all been just hot air.

This provocateur who violates the laws of his country by defaming others, tearing off frontier posts, inciting agents of the State by seditious statements, and calling for hatred leading to murder, just flees abroad when he is forced to face the consequences of his acts. He thumbs his nose at the judiciary and shows utter disrespect to the country’s judicial system. And yet, he has the temerity to call himself a national leader.

Like all demagogues, Sam Rainsy is an irresponsible politician who fails to accept and support the consequences of what he writes, what he says, and what he does. He pretends to ignore that in July 2018, 4,875,189 men and women voted for the CPP while the participation rate exceeded 82 percent. He refuses to recognize that such a result expresses a real support of the people for the decision to dissolve the CNRP – a party that provokes unrest and insecurity, and instigates a civil war to topple a government legitimately elected by the people.

Sam Rainsy is the son of Sam Sary who participated in the so-called CIA-instigated Bangkok Plot against Prince Norodom Sihanouk. He was paid by the US to make calls for violence, hatred and civil war that will lead to US interference. How? By trying to mobilize Cambodians from the diaspora to return home to overthrow the current government.

The method is well known. This is what Kem Sokha announced in the famous filmed statement that has justified his arrest: create trouble by pushing demonstrators to violate the law and provoke a strong reaction from the police. Now Sam Rainsy is trying to bring back Cambodians en masse. Knowing that if he returns too, he will be arrested to serve out the jail terms to which he has been sentenced to legally. This will provoke demonstrations from his followers. And in the end chaos will rear its ugly head justifying US intervention and EU sanctions.

The recent statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates that the government is fully aware of the plots that are being hatched. The government is also well aware of Sam Rainsy’s support from the European Commission, from some EU governments and from the US. These Western powers give lessons in human rights and democracy, but support a racist and nationalist demagogue. What a travesty?

Thomas Fowler is a Cambodian observer based in Phnom Penh

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