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Heat wave precautions

Mom Kunthearealth / Khmer Times Share:
heat wave
A boy under the heat in Cambodia. KT/Aim Valinda

Health Minister Mam Bun Heng has issued an advisory to all people telling them to take prophylactic measures for the oncoming hot weather period.

The minister advises everyone, especially children and the elderly, to be cautious about their health when the weather gets very hot, because the effects the heat can cause serious illness or even death.

“Therefore, all people should protect their health by drinking [tap] water or mineral water frequently, staying in the shade or cool places, avoiding long stays in the heat.  I want the people to be aware of the afflictions, such as diarrhea and infectious diseases that are caused by drinking unsafe water or eating unsanitarily prepared foods.”

He went on to say that if one has a health problem with diarrhea, vomiting, fever and loss of consciousness, they must immediately get treatment at the nearest health center or hospital.

He said, “The Ministry of Health encourages the public to follow the simple advice above to protect themselves and their families from any health problems during this hot weather.”

The Kingdom will be indirectly affected by the El Nino phenomenon, which will cause temperatures to rise to between 40 and 42 degrees Celsius (104-108°F) in April and May.


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