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Illegal logging denied in Mondulkiri province

Khuon Narim / Khmer Times Share:
An activist accused the department of allowing companies to export timber illegally. Heng Sros

The Mondulkiri agriculture department yesterday denied claims by an environmental activist that it allowed two private firms to transport timber to Vietnam.

Activist Heng Sros, 24, from the Cambodian Human Rights Task Force, yesterday said that the private companies received permission to transport high quality timber to Vietnam.

He said that one of the companies, Lim Royal Chorstok, transported timber mostly logged from protected areas in Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary to Vietnam.

“They have transported hundreds of cubic metres of timber to Vietnam,” he said.

The claims have been dismissed by the department. Heng Sros

He added that some ELC’s in Mondulkiri province don’t log timber in their concession zone, but instead transport timber logged in protected areas.

“They transport timber from protected areas into their concession zone and then legally send it to Vietnam as if it is theirs,” Mr Sros said.

Song Kheang, director of the Mondulkiri agriculture department, said two private companies , including Lim Royal Chorstok, are only allowed to transport timber within Cambodia and not to Vietnam.

“They have transported timber in their concession zone to supply the local market,” he said. “We have not given them the right to transport timber to Vietnam and the permission is only valid for three or four days.”

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