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Japanese nationals in Cambodia celebrate New Year

Say Tola / Khmer Times Share:
Ambassador Horinouchi Hidehisa (right) leads a sake toast to celebrate the new year. Say Tola

It was a day for Japanese in Cambodia to say “akemashite-omedetou-gozaimasu” or “Happy New Year” to each other as the Embassy of Japan in Cambodia, along with the Japanese Business Association of Cambodia (JBAC) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), jointly hosted New Year’s celebration for all Japanese nationals living in the Kingdom of Wonder. The event on Thursday last week saw hundreds of guests gathered to celebrate the first month of the year 2019.

Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia, Horinouchi Hidehisa, welcomed all guests and emphasised how the relationship between Cambodia and Japan has grown over the years.

Ambassador Horinouchi told guests in Nihongo, “The number of Cambodians visiting Japan keeps increasing year after year. To be more precise, last year we permitted 20,000 visas for Cambodians. At the same time, the number of Japan tourists in Cambodia also keeps increasing. Also, we’ve seen an increase in the number of Japanese living in Cambodia. Currently, we have 4,000 Japanese nationals here”.He added, “Our bilateral relationship started when Cambodia found its peace, and our relation has become stronger and stronger. I hope this cooperation will help Cambodia towards development. On behalf of the Japanese Embassy, we will support and deal with all the affairs of Japanese companies and nationals here”.

Yamazaki Norimasa, chairman of Japanese Business Association of Cambodia, noted that the stability of Cambodia pre- and post-election last year has helped push more investments. He also added that Cambodia’s significant role in the Mekong region will be a big help to ensure regional cooperation.

Both Ambassador Horinouchi Hidehisa and Yamazaki Norimasa led all guests in drinking the traditional Japanese rice wine sake.

All guests were also able to enjoy the Japanese rice cake mochi and osechi together, as well as traditional Japanese music.

Japanese singers present a traditional Nihongo song. Photo: Say Tola
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