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Creating more chances for migrants to work in Japan

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Japan is in need of nurses for its aging population. MOL

Cambodia and Japan are cooperating with each other to create more opportunities for Cambodians to work in Japan, Labour Minister Ith Samheng said yesterday.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of JLS Cambodian Co Ltd and a workshop on nursing career opportunities in Japan, Mr Samheng said the ministry is cooperating with Japanese officials to review and organise cooperation agreements in order to increase employment opportunities.

“Japan has begun to set up new projects for increasing the labour flows from the other countries and it will be implemented from April this year in order to solve the labour shortage in Japan,” he said.

Mr Samheng said that Cambodia has sent workers to work in countries such as Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, noting there are 1.2 million workers in those countries.

He added that there are 105 recruitment companies that have licences to select, train, send and manage the Cambodian workers to work overseas and among them, there are 93 companies that have permission to send workers to Japan.

“In 2018, Cambodia sent 9,195 workers to Japan and each of them received a salary of about $1,500 per month,” Mr Samheng said.

Yauk Sereisophos, JLS Cambodian director, yesterday said that in April her company needs ten people to work as nurses in Japan.

She said that for the whole of this year the company will need 45 nurses and from next year onwards it will need 500 nurses per year to work in Japan.

“First, we will train them to speak Japanese, how to take care of elderly people and the culture of Japan,” she said, adding that her company will select and send the workers to work in other skills or jobs next time.

Ms Sereisophos said that her company will visit the nurses in Japan every three months and in case they have problems with their work, they can directly contact her company in Cambodia or to the company in Japan.

Makoto Hoshizaki, director of COS Incorporated, which is company partner with JLS, yesterday said that Japan needs about 50,000 nurses this year to take care of elderly people and the government of Japan plans to select them from nine countries, including Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nepal, Mongolia and China.

“I cannot say how many Cambodian nurses will be selected, but we really need more nurses,” he said.

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