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At one with nature in Cairns

Raquel R Bacay / Khmer Times Share:
Team Cambodia in Cairns, Australia during a familiarisation trip. Raquel Bacay

It’s not every day to we get to visit a place that brings us closer to nature and wildlife. I was fortunate to have experienced such – all thanks to SilkAir – as I, along with travel agents and journalists, visited the city of Cairns in Australia through the “SilkAir Cambodia’s Familiarisation Trip to Cairns”.

Cairns, a city in the Cairns Region of Queensland, is situated on the east coast of Far North Queensland. It is three hours ahead of Cambodia.

Upon arrival at Cairns Airport, strict security had to be followed. Unlike in other airports, Cairns implements double checking of luggage to make sure all contents are permitted entry to the city. I have known that Cairns follows firm protocols on items allowed and prohibited as some items may harm the city’s well-preserved environment and wildlife.

And its meticulousness is obviously paying off. Our group saw clean, trash-free and safe roads. The sight of bats flying freely was, I believe, a proof of the city’s balanced and safe ecosystem. The city of Cairns was more of a safe haven for people and all living things than a bustling city. The sounds of bats echoed around us as we travelled on the wide, clean roads, as if reminding us that we are up close with nature.

The city’s love for animals and the environment was evident and superb. In fact, our group was able to see wild animals roaming freely. While most of us only see wild and exotic animals in private zoos, Cairns takes pride in giving these beautiful creatures a place where no one would harm them. Kangaroos can even be easily spotted on the roadside.

But the best part of the familiarisation trip was our visit to the rainforestation park where we saw with our own eyes how well-preserved and loved nature is in Cairns. Being in the nature park made us feel like we were one with wildlife, and that as long as we don’t harm the animals, we will remain safe.

On our trip, we were told that Cairns is also called Kangaroo and Crocodile City because of the abundance of these two animals. The city is also rich in sugar cane, papaya, avocado, peanuts and macadamia plantations.

With all these, Cairns is a popular tourist destination for all lovers of nature, tropical climate and wildlife, aside from the fact that it has access to tropical rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef.

The week-long visit in Cairns, to say the least, was a beautiful and inspiring trip to nature. If you’re into this kind of adventure, SilkAir will be increasing its daily direct flight from Singapore to Cairns starting June 2019. For flight schedules, visit www.silkair.com.

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