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NSSF denies hospital spurned member

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To date, 258,511 members have accessed services. Facebook

The National Social Security Fund on Saturday released a statement denying online media claims that a provincial hospital discriminated against a card member who sought treatment recently.

Neang Theara, who works in Siem Reap, recently posted on Facebook that when he went to the hospital and showed his NSSF card, the hospital did not take care of him.

After the post went viral, NSSF officials went to the hospital to investigate the matter and also spoke to Mr Theara.

The NSSF said that Mr Theara misunderstood the situation when hospital staff asked him to fill a form to specify what treatment he was seeking.

It said that filling the form is required for free treatment, but the patient thought that the hospital was not going to treat his wound.

“It is a general practice for hospital staff to issue the form to patients seeking free treatment,” the statement noted. “It is not a form of discrimination against patients holding NSSF membership cards.”

The statement added that the NSSF always welcomes criticisms from the public to improve its services.

An NSSF official hands over a membership card to a worker. Facebook

Pav Sina, Collective Union of Movement of Workers president, yesterday said that there have been some complaints from workers who hold NSSF membership cards over hospital services.

“I think that relevant ministries should ensure that NSSF members are treated just like paying patients so that card holders will be confident that they will get good service,” he said.

Last week, Health Ministry spokeswoman Or Vandin said over Facebook that the ministry is holding campaigns to strengthen services offered by health centres throughout the country.

She said that as of last year, there are118 national hospitals, 1,207 health centres and 117 health posts throughout the country and noted that up to 85 percent of people seeking treatment visit health centres.

“We are improving the hygiene in health centres, such as having clean restrooms, and also the quality of services so that people will be confident of getting good treatment in health centres in their localities,” she said.

Last year, the NSSF received the ASSA Recognition Award for providing good healthcare services.

Ouk Samvithyea, NSSF director, said recently that the fund will carry on strengthening the implementation of social security schemes and extend coverage to occupational risks.

He said the fund also plans to launch a pension scheme for workers and an occupational risk scheme for public employees this year.

NSSF has 204,084 public employees, 55,222 former civil servants and 54,770 veterans who are members.

To date, 258,511 members have accessed services at health facilities which have signed agreements with NSSF.

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