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The heat is on … its way

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
Workers at a garment factory in Cambodia. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Labor Minister Ith Samheng advised enterprise owners and/or employers nationwide to keep an eye on the weather.  El Niño is expected to let temperatures soar – to 42 degrees Celsius in April and May.

The minister today (Jan. 18) wrote to all businesses, especially the garment and footwear factories, instructing them stock up enough water to satisfy their enterprises’ needs.

“The factories have to provide enough clean water to workers, and they must install equipment for measuring the temperature at the workplace …” he wrote.

Factories have to ensure that the ventilation in production facilities is turned on at least one hour before workers start their shift.

Drinking water transport in provinces experiencing drought. Phot0: coutesy DAP

“Open all doors and windows, or add more fans production areas, install sprinklers on roof-tops that spray at least twice a day in order to reduce the heat,” the minister advised. “The ministry strongly hopes that the owners and employers of the enterprises/ establishments will effectively apply the suggested measures.”

On Thursday (Jan .17) the Prime Minister issued a directive urging farmers to plant and harvest rice only in the dry season this year, due to the awaited drought.

“The rice farmers should store water for day-to-day use and for crops other than rice,” his directive said, and that the El Niño will cause unusual weather patterns in Cambodia, with extremely high temperatures and little or no chance of rain in April and May.

Ministries and local authorities must anticipate water shortages this year by taking the initiative to conserve water, he added.

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