Road repairs increased last year

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Workers repair a damaged road. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The Transport Ministry repaired more roads last year when compared to work done in 2017, according to its annual report.

In the report issued on Wednesday, the ministry noted it repaired a total of 9,671 kilometres of national and provincial roads, an increase when compared to 2017’s 8,380 kilometres.

The report said the ministry spent a total of $158 million in 2018 for road repairs. Cambodia has 16,292 kilometres of paved roads.

The report noted that damage was caused by floods and overloaded vehicles, such as trucks.

Transport Minister Sun Chanthol yesterday said that the ministry has begun to monitor road damage reported by civilians on the ministry’s Road Care App.

The application was launched last year in an effort to garner public participation in the repair of damaged roads.

“This new application is very smart and fast. The public can take a photo of a portion of a road that needs to be repaired and report it to us using this application,” Mr Chanthol said. “All of the information received will be relayed to our officials so they know what to fix.”

Mr Chanthol, who was speaking at the close of the ministry’s annual meeting, also noted that the application will soon have new features, including a way for users to report traffic accidents.

“We hope this application can contribute to road safety,” Mr Chanthol said, adding that his officials should take bikes to inspect reported cases. “Our officials are always driving around in cars. I urge them to take a bicycle to inspect damaged roads around where they are.”

Soun Chantha, a villager in Preah Sihanouk province, yesterday said he used the application to report a damaged road.

“I told the ministry that some overloaded trucks were driving on the road because we saw the damage that was done on the National Road,” Mr Chantha said.

According to the same ministry report, 2,952 trucks were given fines that amounted to $5.7 million for damaging roads in 2018.

It noted that many trucks were found failing to meet with the standards and specifications of the ministry by modifying components.

Minister of Finance Aun Pornmoniroth closed the annual meeting yesterday and said that the work carried out by the Transport Ministry last year improved the livelihoods of civilians.

“In fact, these infrastructure projects, such as roads, bridges and railways, stimulate economic growth, reduce poverty, and raise living standards for people,” he said. “Roads and bridges link almost all the country now, making it easy for residents to travel and businesses to transport their goods.”

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