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Success is an easy word to utter. But it needs lots of hard work and perseverance to fully achieve it. We all want to be successful in life and in our careers, don’t we? Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” may just be what we all need right now to point us to the right direction towards success.

The book, first published on December 2004, compiles the endeavours and experiences of successful men and women, including the author’s own life learning.

Jack Canfield lists down dozens of principles for success that will help people – in all fields – get into the finish line triumphantly. He gives out tools required to enhance self-confidence, control, goal-setting and positive mindset to overcome difficulties and achieve one’s ambitions in life.

But this book goes beyond being a mere collection of thoughts and ideas sewn together to become a book, as each page of “The Success Principles” carefully outlines feasible principles that have been tested and proven by real people. They’re basic but essential.

In fact, a revised and updated edition of this masterpiece has been released in 2015 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its first publication. The book’s practical and inspiring words have certainly helped thousands of its readers to see success in a different light.

Jack Canfield tells his readers that they need to help themselves before they can truly be of help to other people. If one wants to be successful, they need to take full responsibility for everything that they experience and attain in life. It is only then that they become real achievers.

This self-help book suggests that we need to discover our inner selves and what our innate passions are in order for us to get a complete sense of our purpose on Earth. In order to accomplish this, we need to write down all our goals and the reasons behind them so we’ll have a clearer and more comprehensive direction to where we are heading to.

I, personally, agree with Jack Canfield’s points in this book. I believe that we all have goals we badly want to achieve; but the fulfillment of those depend solely on us and on how hard we work. Sometimes, it’s going to be easy. Sometimes, it’s going to be hard and painful. Whatever path we take towards those goals, there surely will be ups and downs.

But all we need is to continue moving forward. We should pay attention to our footsteps and to our actions because they will determine our triumph or defeat.

But here’s the truth: we will commit mistakes along the way. It would be inevitable. But these mistakes will be a source of learning for us to improve and be better. We just need to be brave enough to ask questions and seek help from the people whom we believe can pull us up again after a downfall. And we need to remember to never commit the same mistakes over and over again.

As Jack Canfield has written, success needs time, patience, commitment, persistence, perseverance and actions. It won’t come handy, and it wouldn’t be given to you as a life gift. Success is a result of everything that you do and do not do.

It would also be a great help, according to the author, to stop pointing the blame on other people. Whatever happens to us, it is entirely because of our own actions and decisions. We don’t need to drag others down and blame them for the troubles we’re experiencing. Our life is ours. It’s our responsibility to make sure we make it worthwhile.

Author: Jack Canfield

Publication: 10th Anniversary Edition, 2015

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