Cambodia to host ACC

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Ek Tha (R) at the press conference about the ACC. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The Prime Minister will inaugurate the Asian Cultural Council on January 15 in Siem Reap province.  This was announced in the press conference on Friday, Jan. 4, by Ek Tha, spokesman for the Office of the Council of Ministers.

He said that Cambodia was chosen by the International Conference of Asia Political Parties (ICAPP) because of the Kingdom’s experience in protecting, restoring, and preserving historical temples listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The ICAPP nominated Hun Sen as an honorary Founding Chairman of the ACC;  Khuon Sodary,  Second Vice President of the National Assembly, was nominated for chairwoman of the Council.

Cambodian officials, and regional dignitaries from 14 other Asian countries, will attend the opening ceremony.  They will also visit the Angkor temple site, and be offered cultural performances by artists from over 10 represented Asian countries.

Nepal, Russia, Japan, South Korea, China, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Turkey and India are expected to partake in the council.

The ACC’s prime purpose is to promote, acknowledge, and exchange culture among the member states and the US.  The promotion of culture serves the enhancement and enrichment of the quality of life, prosperity, and interchanges of the peoples of these nations and, as a result, deepens the mutual understanding between countries.

In early December 2018, UNESCO, the ICAPP and the ACC signed an agreement to cooperatively promote Asian culture and use it as a bridge to build peace in Asia.

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