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Leadership Challenge
January 5, 2019 @ City Tower Center
Contact: 099 444 569
Ticket: $15/Person
All audiences who are interested in building good leadership, especially for managers, are welcome to join a public workshop on “Leadership Challenge” enabling them to understand their leadership styles and succeed in management-level challenges, as well as to gain knowledge on theory and best practices of management and leadership for improvement.

The Art to Become a Sales Champion

January 13 @ AIS Toul Kork
Contact: 099/98 99 47 69
Ticket: $25/Person
The public workshop “The Art To Become A Sales Champion” welcomes all participants to take part in, where they will learn tips from speakers about the art of selling, different techniques to close sales deal like a pro, and how to sell effectively when no one wants to buy your product.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

January 20 @ CKCC
Contact: 078 800 648
Ticket: $5/Person
Project Inspire Conference 2019 centered on the main theme “Mental Health and Wellbeing” gives students and youth a good chance to learn from well-known speakers about mental issues, tips to take care of their minds and manage their mental health, as well as to find strategies to deal with external influences.

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