Piano Duo The power of music

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Gifted pianists EunKyung and Ahlin Min perform at the PPIIA perforamnce hall. KT/Som Kanika

Before 2018 ended, a musical performance on December 22 gave everyone a reason to believe that music connects people of different races and cultures.

Held at the Phnom Penh International Institute of the Arts (PPIIA), two pianists and a violinist showcased their musical prowess in front of dozens of guests for the “Piano Duo” musical night.

The performance hall was filled with the beautiful harmony of the piano and violin played by gifted musicians EunKyung, Yoon Ahlin and Shi-nae Ahn.

EunKyung, a native of Seoul, South Korea, said that it was her first piano duo performance in Cambodia. She added that she was impressed by the number of Cambodians showing interest in the show. EunKyung is the current dean of the School of Music of PPIIA.

“I feel very excited about the performance. I am full of joy seeing a lot of Cambodian people come and watch this performance because usually there aren’t many Khmer audience in this kind of performances. But this time, I can see that there are many of them and I’m glad they did come,” said EunKyung before she went on stage for a superb performance.

But even with her expertise and educational background, EunKyung admitted that every musical performance has challenges and hurdles, especially when you’re playing with another musician.

“Piano duo is not the same as individual playing. Both of the pianists have to connect their feelings well and have to hit the same note at the same time. Each performance requires a lot of practice,” shared EunKyung.

Ahlin Min, meanwhile, said that performing in front of many people is not only about sharing the beauty of music, but more about creating a platform where people – students especially – get inspired to pick up their own musical instrument and play.

Being born in a musical family in Washington D.C., Ahlin now serves as the music academic advisor at Pace University in New York.

“Holding a duo piano performance is a great inspiration for our students to see and it is also the platform to inspire and boost their confidence to be on stage like us,” she said. “I am also very excited to see many Cambodian people coming to see our performance.”

The talented musicians played several pieces. “Frozen Land”, for one, is a special song that tells the story of the conflict between South Korea and North Korea. The song reflects the conflict, memories, and hopes for the two connected nations.

With their heartwarming musical numbers, the musicians emphasised that every song has its story and every song should be sung from the heart as music was, is and always will be an effective medium to foster unity, happiness and peace among people.

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