OnePlus offers $20 USB-C buds

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The feather-light in-ear chambers help reduce sound distortion. OnePlus

OnePlus is most often associated with its successful line of high-performance and mid-range smartphones. However, less well-known is the Chinese-companies line of gadgets and accessories.

With consumers now forced to forgo headphone jacks in the most recent flagships, those of us who haven’t braved cutting the cord completely can now purchase perhaps the best wired USB Type-C earbuds available.

For a mere $19.99 the earbuds offer buyers excellent audio fidelity and solid noise isolation from the outside world.

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OnePlus claim the buds can deliver immersive, vibrant, and extraordinarily detailed sound, “thanks to an advanced internal DAC with high-res audio support.”

The speakers are fitted out with a high-quality film diaphragm which the company claims makes voices sound more realistic and immediate.

However, despite the flat-wire cables threaded with tough Karbon fiber, the OnePlus buds may not survive heavy usage – but at $20 a replacement won’t be a burden on even the lightest pockets.

A direct competitor for the crown of best wired USB-C earbuds comes in the form of Google’s $30 Pixel USB-C buds. But OnePlus’ offering has superior sound, better noise isolation, and a cheaper price. For $20, consumers don’t have much to lose.

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